Nashville Wire About Us

Nashville Wire Products is a world-class supplier of wire products. We specialize in the design and fabrication of welded wire products.

Since its inception in 1934, Nashville Wire has grown into a diverse organization serving multiple markets and thousands of customers, world wide. Our primary products include OEM parts, wire mesh, retail displays, store fixtures, and wire products for the material handling industry. Cutting edge technology, quality products, and unparalleled service have earned us a leadership position in all of the markets that we serve.

NWP History

In the 1920s, Clark Barton Rollins was working at Phillips & Buttorf Mfg. Co., a manufacturer of stoves and house wares. In 1927, while still employed there, he started a small tool & die shop in the garage of his brother's home on Main Street in East Nashville. The tool & die business grew and in 1934 he and his partners rented a small building on Woodland Street. The tool & die shop was located on the top floor and they placed a few small wire-working machines in the basement. They incorporated this business as Nashville Wire Products Mfg. Co. in July of 1934.

The young company's first order for 1,000 oven racks came from the Dortch Stove Company in Franklin, Tennessee. After a few years at this location, both businesses grew and ultimately separated. Mr. Rollins, known to his employees as "Mr. C.B.", took over the small wire business and in 1940 moved it into an abandoned barrel stave factory with dirt floors on Felicia Street. Oven racks were soon going out the doors to such companies as Roper, State Stove, and Magic Chef.

When WW II began, Nashville Wire ceased the production of oven racks and began making hinge bolts for artillery boxes. Mr. C.B.'s son, Clark Jr., enlisted in the air force where he served as a bomber pilot in the air war over Europe.

After the war, Nashville Wire went back to producing oven racks and with business strong, Mr. C.B. went looking to expand his small business. He noticed that the Spur Oil Company was running a promotion to give away china with the purchase of gasoline, but they had no way of displaying it. This turned into the company's first venture into the display business.

Mr. C.B.'s two sons, Clark Jr. and David, joined the business and under their direction the company prospered and grew. In addition to oven racks and displays, wire products for the material handling industry were added to the company's offerings. Today the third generation of the Rollins family is active in the business and Nashville Wire Products remains a family business.